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Holy shit that was awesome. This chick is awesome, and so is everyone involved in bringing this horny sexpot to the pink screen. Now I’m relatively new to doing reviews but if a hefty hard-on and an instant urge to watch tells you anything… It’s that this proud slut is a diamond in the sack. You’re welcome.


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This woman turned 60 years old this year. Let that sink in. Sixty years of all kinds of sexual experiences and achivements. She let none of that training left behind for this shoot. She slutted it right up. She gets off sucking cock. She loves getting down on anal. She even expressed a true appreciation for that cum. Hats off to you granny. You respresented your gilf gang proud. Enjoy boys.


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Something about that Louisiana accent and that tight little body of hers makes my dick stand right at attention. Though this is her first ever adult film, you can clearly tell that she is no stranger to wild sex. I don’t personally have much experience with southern women but based off of her description I may just have to spend some time in the bayou! My favorite part of this new MILF is her surprise to Nick’s size. She seems shocked almost the entire tube. Shocked yet determined. She really put on a show for the camera and I am forever grateful for it …. check out the edit and feel free to share it amongt your interwebs….. MANY MORE MILFs to come!

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