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It’s a rare treat to have such a naturally voluptuous first timer swing by for a deep dicking. So I am sure Nick considers himself lucky that not only was she willing to film her first ever adult scene with us, but she also brought those HUGE natural bazungas along for the ride. Her interview was great … she seems charming and polite with a little roughness around the edges. Her voice sounded a bit like she had been choking on a big ol’ cock for a little while just before this interview. But we come to find out the the largest cock she’s ever had was just 8-9 inches. Regardless of the cause you could tell it was ready for a nice coating. She watches girl on girl porn and regularly enjoys fucking chicks (she and I have that in common). All in all this was a great video. Best part…. eh…. It’s a tie between her trying to fit Nick’s cock into her VERY tight asshole … or the titty fucking those big ass titties to climaxing all over her face and into her mouth. Ahhh great times great times.


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What is better than getting a blowjob from a hot blonde Milf? Winning the lottery? Finally paying off your car loan? No. The only thing that is better than a Blonde Milf blowjob is MULTIPLE Blonde Milf Blowjobs!! Welcome to one of the new formats we have concocted to entertain your imaginations and loins. Enjoy, Blonde Amateur Milf Blowjob Compilation 1 🙂 Let us know on twitter @mompovtubexxx what you think. Fap on fellas. Fap on.


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A handful of things run through my mind when I first look at this woman … First being that I bet this woman has been craving a good hard fuckin’ for a long long time. My second thought being that I cannot wait to see those big ol’ boobies naked. Thirdly my mind wanders to a place similar to my high-school years lusting after hot teachers and school staff that you could tell yearned for a young prick to give them the what’s what. This whole video is awesome. Our Milfy Minx is a divorced wife of 23 years and looking fuuuuucking hot for being in her fifties. She mentions that she enjoys a good hard pussy pounding, an assertive treatment, and someone who knows how to take control in the bedroom. All in all I would have to say that Nick served her all three. You can really tell he had a great time with that huge ass! I hope you all enjoy as much as she did in the video! Get ready to blast off!

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