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Now here is a woman that I could picture seeing just about anywhere. You know the one that you pass by and are both delitefully polite in passing but as you leave something just lingers. Maybe it’s a perfume or just a fleeting thought of how nice her smile was. Maybe it was to the effect of lusting after her for just that split second, wondering what her ass looked like in oil. But then as soon as it’s there it’s gone. Well my friends, her is what happens to her. She gets divorced after fifteen years and just can’t wait to get fucked for the world to see. I would buy any video she released. And hell, who knows, when I see “her” again, I may just have to stay a little longer.


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Is it just me or does this chick remind you of one of those super pampered, well kept, bored house wives or what!?! I mean I have two insticts when it comes to a woman like this… Fuck em’ and FUCKEM! God I bet Nick had a blast blasting it to this chick. She gets to have whatever she wants, why should this be any different? Her amazing body and love for hard fucking puts her in the top teir of fantasy moments. She gets a good dicking and she deserves many many more. Enjoy boys!


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This little 5’0″ pepper is perfect for porn. She loooooves the D! Talking about fucking, dreaming about fucking, and fucking are her three favorite things. Yowzers kudos to any guy that can keep up rounds with her … make sure you stretch. She’s a mother of four and always on the go so you know it’s business time the moment she walks in. Great little Latina Milf to have on the site.

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