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This trailer/tube edit does NOT hold a candle to the full version!! Dude, this woman is incredible. At the very beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of her look and attitude she put out there. But then she started to talk about herself. Fellas this chick is and always has been a wild child. She goes on and on about all kinds of different sexual conquests that she’s encountered. She mentions that she enjoys multiple partners, lots of personal sex toys, and is very eager to continue trying exciting and new things for the rest of her days. Everything got turned up a notch when she started sucking nick’s wiener. Holy guacamole this lady knows her way around a cock (in the full version Nick even ejacs early and has to fuck her twice just to get the full scene!) I hope, nay, I pray to cum across such an advanced specimen of sexuality in my life. Here she is boys enjoy your time together.


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Good lord I wonder if this chick knows that she is a spitting image one of those mail order “life-like” sex dolls or if her entire likeness is a complete coincidence…. Any of you guys remember that old 80’s movie “Mannequin”? Well here’s how my parody sequel goes down 100% (minus the part where her medical grade rubber pussy turns into a real life juicy cock locker.) There is certainly an adult film career in this young cougar’s future should she so choose…. I’m no fortune teller but sometimes you just gotta call a tomato a tomato. Happy fapping friends.


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Some women are blessed with the grace of getting hotter with age. Now given, I have absolutely zero idea or point of reference of what this Cali Blonde looked like as her younger selves. BUT. I can say with confidence that she sure as shit hit 50 looking absolutely radiant. She is definitely my kinda Milf! She seems open minded, fashionably promiscuous, and pretty much down for whatever you come up with. I would love to see her return at sixty … she’d probably be even hotter. Cheers and enjoy fellas. It’s Mighty Milfin’ Milfy Time!!

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