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AYE PAPI!!! Call me crazy but, damn, I sure do enjoy a lovely little latina screaming “I AM COMING!” at the top of her lungs. Guess it’s just the pleaser in me. So here we are with a another classic from the vault. This model is spectacular. Through her interview she seems slightly inexperienced. Sure the random “wild” experience here and there but nowhere near what you’ve heard from some of our other models. All that went away when the clothes starting coming off. She opened right up! Sucking and titty fucking her way through foreplay only to orgasm four or five times really hard during the good stuff. She was rewarded for her sexy efforts with a mega blast cumshot facial… For those of you that are potential memebers, I can honestly say the tube edit doesn’t do this woman justice. She was drowning in love sauce and took it like a champ!


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A cool demeanor, a hot Milf body, and a whole lotta horny makes this incredible momma an immediate fav! She has it all. Her level of confidence is rare to come by in first time models. She is not at all afraid of cum. Best of all she LOVES getting fucked in her ass. She’s not only on the top of my spankbank list but also one of the most watched and “favorited” models on our member’s site. To my surprise we had not yet released a tube edit to the public for this cockstar cougar. Well friends, here it is, in all (some) of her glory …well … roughly twelve minutes of her glory … for the rest of the hour+ long video you’ll have to just sign up. cheers to you all and happy fapping my friends!


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For those of you that are long time MPOV members you may recognize this absolute allstar of a Milf. I mean, who in the FUCK looks that good in at 41?! Answer: She does … and has great eyes … and a great personality … and fantastic boobs… and says all of the right stuff … and knows her way around sucking a cock … and … and … and!!! There is not much left to be said about such a sexy woman except GREAT JOB girl!! No wonder she shows up on the site in the “most likes” and “most views” section. I could get off to this sexy slutbag many times! For those of you that are watching this for the first time allow me to assure you that the full version is even better!! If this doesn’t get your jimmy jizzing then you my friend need to start some serious “physical therapy”. Enjoy the view gents …. I know I sure did!

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